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You can use these templates as-is or edit them and combine them with your own questions to create brand new surveys. Would you like your survey to be more visually appealing and engaging ? Multiple choice questions with pictures can make all the difference. Maybe you want to ask people about different versions of your website or several T-shirt designs ? We make this easy, and respondents will even be able to zoom in on those pictures to see them full screen before voting. Have any questions about how online survey tools help you engage with your customers?

Adjust fonts, colors – add texts and stickers or anything else in order to meet your brand’s requirement. Get more likes, comments, and views of your Instagram post with the help of Fotor’s Instagram post maker. All the Instagram post templates and layouts are professionally designed. Fotor’s Instagram post creator allows you to start Instagram post creation in an instant. Get started and begin creating outstanding create a poll Instagram post that will amaze everyone and increase the engagement of your Instagram. Objects tab in the menu on the left contains various elements for making your designs more individual.

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We have used FreeOnlineSurveys.com for 3 years to collate feedback from our customers on the email service we provide. The website is easy to navigate and as an end user I found it very efficient when pulling results weekly and monthly. Use our expert-certified survey templates and get the answers you need today. Which sites do your audiences visit and how often? Use a poll to find out and then decide which channels are best for your social media marketing campaigns.

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Then, respondents can, in turn, quickly and easily participate. Their votes and comments automatically appear in real-time, allowing you to be on top of what your audience has to say about a particular topic, event, or idea. Polls and surveys allow you to get the pulse of the people. The information you gather from polls give you insight that you wouldn’t get any other way.

You can only enable or disable the option yourself. Otherwise, Typeform’s Quiz Maker is a pretty sleek affair. It’s intuitive, offers plenty of different question types, and shows some of the best customization options.

Join thediscussion group on LinkedIn and you can ask vendors, other professionals like yourself, and PCMag’s editors. Typically, this level of access is available only at the highest pricing tier. I tended to emphasize the questionnaire designer in my online survey tool reviews. All surveyed products can provide at least one survey link and export their data for further analysis beyond their own reporting features.

When you consider that everybody else you know have lives that are just as busy, it’s easy to see why people have trouble coordinating schedules. Whether you want to host a family game night or need to know when your co-workers are available for brainstorming, coordinating can be difficult without the right tools. What you might not have considered is how much a poll maker could help. Adding one to your daily routine offers quite a few benefits.

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Share them with your Contacts, Groups, Broadcast Lists, or friends and get their opinions in a fast and simple way on WhatsApp only. The poll creator has to download the app, but voters can directly vote from their WhatsApp. All you have to do is fill in a question and possible responses in the appropriate spaces. Open pollsgo.com on your computer or the web browser on your smartphone.

Playbuzz is a highly popular site where you not only create quizzes and trivia tests but find interesting, shareable stories, and trending videos. To help them with the quizzes, you can allow multiple attempts. But to get responses faster, you may limit the test time. Let your visitors take your personality test and get the most accurate result message of who they are.

iSpring QuizMaker allows you to assign points and penalties, or give limited time and attempts to answer each question. With iSpring QuizMaker, you can create interactive tests and quizzes, set up custom scoring, and evaluate employees’ progress online. Another distinctive feature of this app is that users can leave comments under your polls. There are lots of trackers that allow getting a better overview of statistics, therefore this app can be easily used for a scientific research poll. Here the users can leave comments under the poll as well. This app will work best for lectures or closed community polls.

Last semester, I held a “game show” night in which I challenged my students on their knowledge of the library indexes and databases that they learned about the week before. Winners of each poll question received a prize in the form of chocolate, candy, or some sort of fun trinket I picked up at Party City before class. Share these free polls to your social media followers, YouTube channel or embed them on your blogs. Understand and measure what your audience thinks about your content, poll or survey. If your goal is to collect leads, our survey creator’s Mailchimp integration is just what you’ve been looking for.

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