Most And Least Reliable Gas Riding Mower Brands

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Most And Least Reliable Gas Riding Mower Brands

Similar to your car, automatic transmissions in a riding lawnmower switch gears depending on the strain on the engine and driveshafts. A manual transmission offers the gardener or landscaper better control, but it might be challenging to shift during turns or maneuvering around obstacles. Working a stick shift while you drive the mower can be cumbersome, and adds to the thought you need to put into your mowing. The cutting deck refers to the area under the machine where the blades spin. The cutting deck determines the width you can cut with each pass.

Not everyone wants to spend thousands upon thousands of dollars on a new riding mower. If you’re on the lookout for a decent model that will get the job done without breaking the bank, the Troy-Bilt Hydrostatic Lawn Riding Mower may be just the thing. Finally, we’d be remiss if we didn’t talk about the price point. Make no mistake about it, it’s rare to find a ride-on mower that offers this much performance, and this many useful features for such a low cost, making this a truly exceptional value-for-money option. The most obvious advantage is that they take out all the hassle and hard work of maintaining a large lawn. If your garden space takes up several acres, you’ll already know that keeping the grass under control can take hours of back-breaking work and, let’s be honest, nobody wants that.

Husqvarna Z242f 42

It will only take you a short time to finish cutting a large acre of land. Cutting with a riding lawn mower will take you half the time it will take for the manual mower to cut grass on a one-acre piece of land. Fantastically formidable power from this Husqvarna’s 22 HP Briggs & Stratton Intek V-Twin Hydrostatic engine combines perfectly with a compact size, making it one of our best riding lawn mowers. You can mow bagless or attach accessories, like mulch kits or carts – but be aware, these are not included. Power through even the dampest of grasses, at any speed and any height.

These types of mowers have blades that are less accessible, making them more difficult to sharpen than a rotary mower, which is unfortunate because they do tend to require the most maintenance. If a rear engine riding mower comparison cylinder mower is not serviced regularly, it’s blades will start to chew the grass, giving a very poor cut. For this reason, cylinder mowers are best suited to those who are mechanically skilled.

Types Of Riding Mowers

Take a look at your budget before you start your search, so you know what you have to work with. Lawn tractors are good for smaller size properties of around 2 acres or less, and are generally compatible with smaller attachments. The prices of same-model lawn tractors can vary a lot from one store to another. Compare prices at three or four stores and you can save a $100 or more.

rear engine riding mower comparison

The first time this happened to me I was flabbergasted since everything seemed fine. It wasn’t until a dive into the exhaustive manual of the Craftsman 420cc rear riding mower that I figured out this problem. Similar to how if you have a larger lawn you should go for a larger cutting deck size, the more area that your mower is going to cover the more power it should have behind it. This engine coupled with the welded steel frame and durable mower deck is why I think this is the best mower for homeowners with stubborn lawns or lawns that have rough terrain. You get dependable power by the trusted engine and a really clean cut with the durable ball bearings in the castor spindle.

Durable and dependable, the Troy-Bilt ride-on lawnmower is an excellent choice for those homesteaders who have a medium to a large property with flat terrain. The Craftsman is ideal for medium-large sized properties that have uneven terrain and slight inclines or slopes, but it is not designed for very steep hills as it is quite bulky. When it comes to cutting thick grass, the ‘Electric Blade Engagement’ system can be operated by just a pull of a switch that is located on the control panel.

Finely-chopped clippings provide fertilizer and help make the lawn drought resistant. Because you are so close to the engine when you are mowing, it is important to cover your ears every time you operate one. The best protection is earplugs, but noise-canceling headphones that cover the entirety of your ear can work as well. The drawback to a gear-driven transmission is that when you make a turn or go up and down a hill, you will need to shift to the proper gear every time to accommodate the speed difference. The upside is that the simplistic construction of a gear-driven transmission allows this type of transmission to be the most budget-friendly of all three options. It will easily navigate between trees and shrubs and can be parked in a small garden shed or a corner of your garage.

Lawn Mower Reviews: Buying Tips

This little lawn tractor will cut through the thickest vegetation without breaking a sweat. The Simplicity Regent 42 inch Riding Lawn Mower features a number of options that may explain the loyalty including a free-floating mower deck with full-width rear rollers. The manufacturer claims a “scalp-free” cut and the ability to “create ballpark lawn stripes”.

  • Its big brushless motor powers the blades on the bottom instead of belts, which allows you to mow quietly without using an earplug or disturbing the neighborhood.
  • Anything over 2 acres probably calls for a fully-fledged garden tractor.
  • Lastly, there is the zero turn radius mower which is fast and can make 360 degree turns in a pinch.
  • It is very easy to decide as to the power of the rear engine riding mower.
  • On top of that, the engine of the mower also fires up responsively, and the padded mid-back seat means that you’ve got a comfortable saddle that feels fantastic even if you’re going at a higher speed.
  • The Ryobi RY48110 features a powerful electric motor that runs on lithium-ion battery packs.

The sturdy wheels allow for a smooth ride over uneven terrain and also help to prevent any scalping on your lawn. The powerful 19 HP Briggs & Stratton Gold engine provides the necessary power for longer mowing tasks and there is no need to prime or choke the engine. Ready-start technology not only turns the mower on with just a turn of the key but it also ensures reliable, continuous power, and stops the engine from overheating.

How To Pick A Model That Will Keep You Cutting For Years

Air-filled tires are essential for a comfortable ride, and the casters on the front of the mower help you navigate tough terrain. to Mike and Saul, our dedicated testers who have gone through the trouble of mowing no less than 60,871 square feet of lawn over the past two weeks. Both of them took the time to test each of the products that made our final list. They checked every feature in part and running advanced QA sessions to deliver you the best rear engine riding mower review of today.

rear engine riding mower comparison

Owners of Simplicity lawn mowers have used them for several years or more and are fierce in their support for the brand. If it’s time to mow the lawn and you’re thinking of how to get out of doing it, you should consider stepping up your game! There is simply no comparison between your average walk-behind model and the vast improvement that a small riding lawn mower will bring to your weekend chore. Riding mowers are a significant investment, with prices ranging from less than $1,500 to more than $3,000.

Murray 30” 10 5 Hp Rear Engine Riding Mower

Providing you look after it well, your riding mower should last for at least 1,000 hours of use, if not much longer. Horsepower is the term used for the power output of the mower’s engine. If you have a small garden with lots of obstacles to move around, choosing a mower with a smaller width is your best option. The Simplicity Prestige Mower uses a patented suspension system which the brand promises us means you’ll feel 25% less impact than on other mowers, making for a smoother, more comfortable ride. Of course, for a hill mower, what really matters is that the garden tractor can hold its own in less than ideal conditions, and in that regard, Husqvarna once again scores top marks.

The blades cut the grass, while the deck shields the driver from grass clippings and debris. With front-engine mowers, the seat is usually in the rear, which can create a slight visibility issue. The engine powers both the blades and the wheels, although most mowers have the option to turn off the blades when driving.

Ego Power+ 42 Z6

However, one of the most affordable options you can buy today is this model from Troy-Bilt, which features a small 30-inch deck and a 382cc single-cylinder engine. Riding lawn mowers are no small investment, but they’re a worthwhile purchase for many homeowners. This style of lawn mower allows you to take care of your yard in less time, and dare we say that they even make lawn care enjoyable?

But a low-back seat can be used to mow a small size yard since you won’t be spending hours sitting in the riding lawnmower. Snapper RE130 is a high-quality and outstanding riding lawnmower that gives you comfort and better visibility when mowing. It allows you to mow even cut on long grass by easily dispersing off clippings thanks to its Hi-Vac system that keeps the air flow throughout its operation. Zero-turn mowers offer the benefit of speed and the ability to turn on a dime. Among CR members, they’re not as common as traditional lawn tractors, but these mowers still account for 29 percent of the riding mowers purchased in 2020 in our surveys. To help you find a reliable riding mower, Consumer Reports incorporates ratings for brand reliability and owner satisfaction into its Overall Scores for lawn mowers and tractors.

What To Look For In A Riding Lawn Mower


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