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During this Photoshop Tips Article we have a look at two free Photoshop Actions from GraphicRiver which you can import to your Photoshop document to automate the process of cropping and adding effects. Cropping and incorporating effects in Photoshop has always been one of my favorite tasks, especially when doing it on the canvas. Whenever you’re rendering a picture and need to make changes to it, then there are only two alternatives for you in Photoshop – crop the image or carry out an expensive Photoshop operation. In this column I am going to explain how to utilize the Photoshop Actions from GraphicRiver along with the Photoshop Elements 5 plug-in to make the desired changes.

The first action I will share with you how you can import from GraphicRiver is your ‘cropping’ activity. To perform this action simply import a picture from your computer. Right click on the Publish image and select properties. Pick the scale choice and set the width to the dimensions of your chosen image. Click on OK. The second action which you may import from GraphicRiver is the ‘rectangle’ activity.

To import these images out of GraphicRiver, go into the’actions’ drop back on the Actions menu. Select the’circle’ action. Select the dimensions that you want to scale into and click OK. The final action you will import from GraphicRiver is your ‘align’ action. To try it, click on the picture and select the’rectangle’ option. Once you’ve performed each of these steps, your photo should be in the desired scale and place in the record.

The following Photoshop actions from GraphicRiver that you can import to your Photoshop document would be Photoshop Actions from GraphicRiver the’transparency’ actions. To execute these actions just click on the activity and choose the desirable scale and position for the result. In this case we are simply defining a new colour for the image that is relative to the current background color. It is important to note that you must use the keyword ‘transparency’ from the options section for the action to happen. If you don’t include this keyword, your photo editing application may provide you an error message,’The transparency action is now available but it’s unipolar.’

The third Photoshop action from GraphicRiver that it is possible to import into your record is the’scale’ activity. To carry out this action only click on the scale icon and select the scale value you would like to scale to the size of your selected image. It’s essential to note you have to use the key word ‘scale’ from the options section for the activity to take place. You need to ensure that the scale choice is available in the picture mode options of your picture program.

The final Photoshop actions from GraphicRiver which you can import into your document are the four Photoshops. These actions can be performed by right-clicking them and picking the’imports’ choice from the menu that appears. This will start a new dialog box with a list of pictures which you want to import. To pick the picture that you would like to utilize, double click the image, highlighting the location on the display in which you want to place it. You could even drag the image to a particular place in your file or the screen, to change the placement if needed.

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