Hillsville Presbyterian Church has been capable of safe almost 150 attire in numerous sizes, colours and kinds for promenade and center faculty formals. They are going to be out there for ladies to come back and store from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. on January 15 within the church fellowship corridor.

Hillsville Presbyterian Church has been fortunate to acquire nearly 150 dresses in different sizes, colors, styles and styles for prom or middle school formals. The church fellowship hall will have them available for girls to shop from 10 a.m. until 2 p.m. January 15.

One Hillsville church joined forces with other community members to ensure Carroll County students have affordable prom dresses and formal wear.

Last year, during the ongoing COVID pandemic the only formal dressHillsville shop closed, leaving local high school and middle school girls without a place for prom dresses and special dance attire. Hillsville Presbyterian Church realized that students would now need to travel outside the area to purchase these dresses and decided to do it themselves.

“Country Formals had closed and several of us were just doing some purging of closets and had some formal and semi-formal dresses. I had a few of my daughter’s dresses and one was brand new with the tags on it because she decided at the last minute not to go to the prom,”Brenda Quesinberry, a Hillsville Presbyterian Church member, said. “So we said, ‘Why don’t we try to have an event where the girls could come?’ There is nowhere in town that sells the formal and semi-formal dresses. (Church member) Mava Vass checked with the middle school, and they are having an outdoor event in April. So we are opening it up for middle school and high school students and hope they will shop for the high school proms and middle school formals.”

Hillsville Presbyterian Church was able to purchase nearly 150 dresses in a variety of sizes, colors, and styles. They will be available for girls who wish to shop in the church fellowship hall from 10 a.m. – 2 p.m., January 15. Accessory items, such as shoes and jewelry, will also be available. The event is free to the public. All items are for donation only.

“It is going to be by donation only. If this event is successful, we will put it toward another event, possibly expanding into menswear to help the guys,”Quesinberry spoke. “It will also go toward some sort of missions. Donations are optional. We are not going to charge for the dresses, but we will accept donations.”

Vass spoke out to The Carroll News and advised citizens that they could leave their purses behind.

“We are not charging anything. We are working hard to make it a success for the kids. Everybody seems excited about it. I hope it will work out well,” Vass said. “The dresses you buy new are so expensive and we just thought we could get enough gowns for the kids so they wouldn’t have to spend the money. Prom is still an important thing.”

Quesinberry noted that Vass and other Carroll girls have done a lot to make this event possible. The dresses were secured through Hillsville Presbyterian’s own members, plus reaching out to extended family members and others in the community.

“This is a joint effort of several churches in the community and is a community-wide event. One church brought us 27 more beautiful dresses (Wednesday),”Quesinberry spoke. “These dresses, a lot of them are new, and if they are not new, they are all gently used, all in excellent shape. We have various sizes and we have a lot of the long formal dresses and we have the short dresses also. We have some shoes and accessories and we are just really hoping for a good turnout. We are hoping the girls can find their dress here. They are so expensive and worn for such a short period of time. We are really excited about it and really looking forward to it.”

Quesinberry stated that the church was able secure such a nice selection of dresses because they had been discussing the project since August. The goal was to ensure that there were enough dresses in a variety of sizes and styles to meet the needs of the congregation.

“And we have accomplished that we hope,”Quesinberry spoke. “A friend of mine and I came up with the idea because we both are empty nesters and we still had those dresses hanging in our closet. It’s something you hate to do away with because they are so expensive. We started talking about it and I talked to Mava, who is sort of the matriarch of our church. It is the mission committee who organized it, but other people in the community have also gotten involved. Mava has gotten in touch with other people in the community and they have donated dresses and things of that nature.”

Girls can try on dresses in private rooms at the church. Quesinberry stated that the event will be rescheduled in case of inclement weather.

”It is going to be at our church, but several churches are participating and helping us. We wanted to make it a community event,” Vass said. “There are some beautiful gowns we have gotten. We probably have closer to 300. We also have shoes and accessories that go with it like shoes and scarves and jewelry and things like that will be there for them. It has been a great response from the community. I was thrilled with the response.”

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