Steve Harvey doesn’t imagine in ‘cancel culture’. The ‘Family Feud’ host slammed the ‘cancel culture’ saying that if he does stand-up comedy once more, the cancel tradition would impression him and his profession gravely. 

Throughout an occasion to advertise his upcoming present Choose Steve Harvey, the 64-year-old stated, “The only way I can do one more special is if it’s at the end of my television career because it will end my television career.” “We’re in the cancel culture now. No stand-up that is sponsor-driven can say anything he wants to,” he stated as reported by Day by day Mail.


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He additional named some legends from the business and went on to say, “Chris Rock can’t. Kevin Hart can’t. Cedric the Entertainer can’t. D.L. Hughley can’t. I can go down the list. The only person that can say what they want to say on stage is Dave Chappelle because he’s not sponsor-driven. He’s subscription-driven.” Harvey defined that when exhibits are sponsor-driven, the person can’t really say what he genuinely desires to. And that’s the place natural sponsor-driven comedians are in luck. 

Steve Harvey famous, “If I had tried to continue as a stand-up, there’s no way I could maintain it. Political correctness has killed comedy. Every joke you tell now, it hurts somebody’s feelings. But what people don’t understand about comedians is that a joke has to be about something. It has to be about somebody.” 

He went on to elaborate and clarify his standpoint by saying, “We can’t write jokes about puppies all the time. The joke can’t be about bushes all the time. Some of these jokes will have to be about people, because that’s the most interesting topic.”

An analogous scenario went down with one other legend from the identical discipline Dave Chappelle. Final yr, Chappelle confronted extreme backlash on-line over his anti-trans jokes in his present ‘The Closer’ Addressing this Netflix particular, he stated, “Gender is a fact. Every human being in this room, every human being on earth, had to pass through the legs of a woman to be on earth. That is a fact. Now, I am not saying that to say trans women aren’t women, I am just saying that those p***ies that they got… you know what I mean? I’m not saying it’s not p***y, but it’s Beyond P***y or Impossible P***y. It tastes like p***y, but that’s not quite what it is, is it? That’s not blood. That’s beet juice.”

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