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Top 5 Best Commercial Lawn Edgers In 2020 Review

It has an automatic feed spool that ensures you do your job continuously without stopping. If you have a lawn or garden bed, keeping the edges looking sharp gives it a nice look. You can do this effectively with the use of the best lawn edger. With a lawn edger, you can easily separate your lawn from the path hence giving your outdoor a cleaner and professional look.

  • There is a 7.5-inch blade constructed into this lawn edger, which is ideal for working with small and huge areas alike.
  • If you factor in its compact size, you end up with an edger that’s easy to navigate in tight spaces.
  • They’re also less powerful, but fine if you already have an edge in place.
  • You can edge and trimmed with it and you won’t feel tired once you are done with this interesting tool.
  • You should find something here to satisfy your trimming needs.

Stihl claims some of its models have features that reduce noise, emissions, weight, and vibration. Echo is the leading manufacturer and marketer of gas string trimmers and now also sells cordless-electric models. Echo products are used in the consumer and professional market. Echo string trimmers are available with two-cycle engines and split-shaft designs for attachments. Echo claims some of its models offer low noise, emissions, and weight, along with anti-vibration features.

Timely Things

Then, the heavy duty lacquered ash handle is sturdy and durable. The tightness of the blade onto the handle gives you a seamless experience. Second, it has a strong, durable and sharp serrated steel blade that is able to slice through turf in one go. A good edger is one that has a strong blade- one that will not break easily.

best gas lawn edger 2018

In fact, they point out that experienced landscapers can perform this function by sight alone. You’ll have to make a decision based on your experience if the guide is important or not. Adjustable blades make it possible to customize your edging to meet your needs in terms of lawn height and size. The AMES Companies Border Edger is our top budget choice since it combines the best value at an affordable price.

Regardless of the model that you choose, it should provide you with easy operation. The best lawn edger should provide you with good visibility when you are edging. This will assist you to see what you are doing so that you can get the best performance. Enjoy easy edging on your lawn with the Radius Garden 206 manual edger. It provides you with a large gripping surface hence giving you room to use both hands. This is something that is difficult to find in other conventional tools.

Comfortable And Easy To Use

The Worx is powered by a 20-volt battery and has no problem with grass, but it struggled with thicker, stalkier weeds. It comes with a 2.0 Ah battery, which gave us a bit over 20 minutes of cutting time. The good news is that it’s easy to hear the motor bog down when it’s struggling. In these cases, we could try to cut the weeds down with a slower approach. For small lawns with minimal trimming needs, we like the Worx WG170.2 GT Revolution 20V PowerShare String Trimmer and Edger. We tested it against a number of other light-duty string trimmers, and it was clearly the best.

It is sort of much like the earlier edger we explored but with a couple of extra features. There is a 7.5-inch blade constructed into this lawn edger, which is ideal for working with small and huge areas alike. With the additional benefit of 4,seven-hundred revolutions per minute, you can get by way of edging your garden much faster. Lawn edgers are completely designed to edge straight and professional-wanting strains around your garden, between the driveway and your yard, round your backyard, and extra. We actually didn’t add or subtract based mostly on 2-cycle or four-cycle. 2-cycle trimmers require oil to be mixed within the fuel, however, four-cycles need crankcase oil and oil adjustments – even valves adjusted after a while.

The wireless Ivation Edge Cutter is the best pocket maker if you are not looking for something that handles twenty different errands separate from the main edges and trims. In addition, it is wireless, so you do not have to struggle with extension cords or sockets. Disconnect the tool from the power supply when not in use, or when changing parts or clearing blockages.

Who Shouldnt Use A Manual Lawn Edger

Before buying an edger, you also want to consider the size of your yard. For instance, if you have a larger yard, you can spend more money and buy a larger and powerful machine. But if you have a small lawn, a small edger will just be fine. Consider looking for the best lawn edger that feels solid in your hands so that it can be easy for you when you are using it.

It is a perfect fit for most householders with a small and compact design that is straightforward to deal with. The lawn edger comes with a heavy-responsibility gearbox and barrier handlebar for simple operation. For this guide, we focused on rechargeable cordless trimmers with enough power to cut everything from simple lawn grass to thick overgrown weeds. Over years, our testing has proved that the best cordless tools have the run time and cutting ability for everything but the most extreme clearing jobs. In some extreme circumstances, only a gas tool will do—and we have a gas-powered pick for those.

With a quality edger in your hands, however, this task doesn’t have to be that time-consuming—especially if you get a multifunctional edger. With one of these top-rated edgers, you can shape your yard and make it look well-groomed. Do you want a walk behind edger that resembles and works like a lawnmower or the stick model design, which is held like a weed whacker?

The edger/trimmer comes with a 20-volt lithium battery and the POWERDRIVE™ Transmission gives long-lasting torque which you can control through the dual-mode switch. You can choose the amount of power depending on the level of cutting or edging that is required. If you are doing some light edging, you can conserve the battery for those tougher edging tasks.

It offers outdoor power equipment for turf care maintenance, landscapes, agricultural fields, rental and specialty construction, snow and ice management, and residential applications. Strategically identified manufacturing competencies, significant distribution network, and improved performance of the Professional business segment are its strengths. The blower is the most conspicuously light duty of the three. Don’t expect a wind storm to come out of it like you would get with a larger plug in or gas unit. For my purposes, though, it is fine for collecting grass clippings on the driveway or patio. I kept my plug in blower for collecting leaves in the fall.

The manual edger leaves no kind of debris, gases or wastes. Best half moon lawn edger are some of the most effective manual tools for manicuring your lawns. Their shape allows them to mold cut the edges into straight lines. But, with the half-moon shaped edger, you can also pout a near-perfect round curve to your flower beds and tree edges. The size of lawn and type of grass will help you understand the model of edgers you want to take home.

On thick Japanese knotweed, the Ego blazed right through 1-inch-thick stalks like they weren’t even there. Other trimmers either took much longer to do this or couldn’t make the cut at all. We did look at a number of very light-duty trimmers, ideal for smaller lawns. These use a thinner string and can cut grass and some weeds, but they struggle with thicker, stalkier plants. Toro manufactures and markets a line of small, lightweight, corded- and cordless-electric string trimmers sold through dealers and Home Depot.

best gas lawn edger 2018

It was also the most capable cordless trimmer we found, with enough run time to cut a 1-foot-wide strip of grass almost two-thirds of a mile long on a single battery charge. The Ego comes with a push-button line-load system, which eliminates the typically tedious process of putting new line on the spool head. There are a variety of systems that do this, but best gas lawn edger 2018 the Ego’s is the easiest we’ve tested. It wasn’t the lightest trimmer we tried, but its excellent balance and handle adjustments made it one of the simplest to swing around and maneuver in tight spots. This model replaces our previous pick, the Ego ST1521S, which is almost identical except that it lacks the telescoping shaft and the easy handle adjustment.

It’s hard to overstate what an improvement this is to what’s often the single-worst aspect of using a string trimmer. With most other trimmers, the entire trimmer head needs to be disassembled and the new line manually wound onto the spool . The Ego is a dual-line unit, meaning that two strings extend from the cutting head.


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